my first blog

Good day, y'all. This is my first of (hopefully) many more rantings and ravings about whatever the bloody hell I feel like.
For most of my life, I have been silent. I feared that when I'd speak, no-one would take me seriously, they'd laugh at me, or just not listen. When I finally decided to open my mouth only several years ago, I discovered that I'm *not* alone on sooo many issues: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, low self-esteem, trichotillomania, self-loathing, etc . . . . Instead of suffering by myself, I have connected with other people who have been through - or are still going through - the same hell(s) as me. So now *they* know that they're not alone, either. So I shall continue speaking up and help other people in similar situations. I want to help.
I used to think therapy was for wacko mental cases, and why should I pay to talk to someone about my problems and past traumas, when I can talk to my friends for free?? Ah, but it's *not* the same! First of all, *anyone* can talk to a therapist - you don't need to be "nuts"! Therapists are trained to be objective and to help you find ways to work through your mental/emotional issues, traumas, etc. Try it. If the first therapist doesn't suit you, try another. Keep going until you click with your therapist. But if you have better ways to help you, go for it!
I'm taking psych meds right now. I'm only doing it to keep me from killing myself. When I get an income, I'll seek out holistic alternatives. I hate the fact that I'm poisoning my body with all these chemicals. What are the long-term effects of them? At least I'm *doing* something about it. I want to be happy and enjoy life again!
I believe I can do it! ♥